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Whether you are heading off abroad or making the most of a ‘staycation’, many of us will be spending large amounts of time outdoors this summer and making the most of the long days and hot (fingers crossed) summer sun!

Activities in the sunshine bring with them a number of potential accidents and injuries, so think ahead and be prepared….our handy first aid guide will help you and your family enjoy the sunshine safely this summer, wherever you happen to be!

BBQ Burns

BBQs in the garden are an idyllic way of spending time with family and friends, however is isn’t just burnt sausages or undercooked chicken that you need to worry about. Burns can easily happen, especially if children are playing in the garden. Follow our first aid steps below:

  • Cool the burn – place under running water immediately and hold for at least 10 minutes. This helps to reduce pain, swelling and the risk of scarring.
  • Cover the burn – cling film or clean plastic bags are ideal as they help to keep the area clean and prevent infection. They also reduce pain by keeping air from the skin’s surface!
  • Assess the seriousness of the burn – if the burn is deep, larger than the size of a hand, on the face, hands or feet or if a baby or child has been burnt…seek urgent medical advice!

Picnics in the Park or Countryside

We all love a picnic in the park with a cricket bat and ball or Frisbee. Unfortunately so do those pesky wasps, which means more chances of being stung! Is yourself or somebody you are with does get stung, follow the simple first aid steps below:

If the sting is visible on the skin, use the edge of a credit card to scrape it away

  • Remove the sting (if visible) by scraping it away, using the edge of a credit card.
  • Wash the affected area with soap and water
  • Apply a cold compress (such as a flannel or cloth cooled with water) or an ice pack to any swelling for at least 10 minutes.
  • Raise or elevate the affected area if possible, as this can help reduce swelling.
  • Avoid scratching the area to reduce the risk of infection

Antihistamines can help to reduce the swelling and itching but always seek advice from your pharmacist regarding over-the-counter treatments.

If someone has been stung in the mouth or throat give them an ice cube to suck on or a glass of cold water to sip. If swelling starts to develop then call 999 immediately!

Signs of Allergic Reaction:

  • Rash
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling on the hands, feet or face
  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing

First Aid Response:

  • Call 999
  • Keep the casualty calm
  • If they have a known allergy, help them to use an auto-injector, always following the guidance on the product.

Trips to the Beach


Nothing beats a day at the beach; relaxing with a book or building sandcastles with the children. It’s important to wear a suntan lotion with a high SPF and UVB, keep well hydrated and to take breaks from the sunshine in the shade. Most importantly try to avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day (between 12 noon and 3pm). Taking these steps will help to reduce the risk of being burnt. However, the sun can often catch us out and if you do get burnt follow these first aid steps below:

  • Seek shade as soon as possible
  • Cool the skin by placing the area under cool, running water for a minimum of ten minutes and up to 30 minutes until the pain has subsided. If it doesn’t subside seek medical attention.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to help lower the body temperature and prevent dehydration.
  • Apply a water-based emollient to keep your skin cool and moist.

Don’t forget that spending long amounts of time outside in the hot sunshine can put you at risk of Heat Exhaustion. This can quickly lead to Heat Stroke if left untreated. For a reminder of how to respond to both these first aid situations click back to our July blog here!  (Jay – please can you link this back to the relevant sections in July blog – thank you)

For more First Aid advice and information why not try one of our Trainingly First Aid Courses or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Wherever you spend your Summer, keep safe and have fun!  J

The Trainingly Team

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